Welcome to Toyeez

Established in 1992 we make colourful toys of various shapes and sizes more than 50 varieties to choose from. colour being our unique concept we market our toys throughout India.

We give colourful shapes to the wild ideas. These shapes when put in little hands change into crazy themes. No one can make out what takes place; inside those little brains but they grow up creative, productive, destructive little ones one word for them HOPE. Better citizens of the society.

With our toys displayed in the shop it's a new and colourful look .Its attracts the customer from far enhances the buying instinct. We have our biggest clients around temples giving a festive look throughout the year toys being hanged in front. Its rightly said colours makes life cheerfull.

Rural melas are incomplete without our toys. Our toys are big draw with children and elders. we make people to buy our products and its very difficult for parents to deny the demands of the little ones. We make PVC play balls, Plastic balls, bats , basket ball sets, Drums, cheer horns, masks,walking aids etc.

More than 50 variety of toys of different shapes and colours are made using Blow, Injection, Rotation moulding technologies. We also make custom made toys as per the design of the customer when our minimum order quantity requirements are met.

We have introduced inflatable PVC balls after a research of 3 years. These balls come in various sizes and shapes and can be inflated at customers place with a simple pump, thus reducing the logistic cost and trouble of carrying the bulky item.

All our toys are available in attractive colours and attractive prices.

Cheer horns to cheer up matches ,tournaments, picnics etc .a sound making horn where sound is the concept to have fun.


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